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Letterable.com: Organize the letters of reference process

How Letterable works

Letterable helps organize the process of requesting and writing letters of recommendation or reference. There are two sides to Letterable: one for
the applicant
, and the other for
the writer

The Applicant

Letterable always starts with the applicant, which is the person who needs a letter written for them. Using their account here, a form like this one is filled out for each letter needed:

As letter-needs are described, Letterable will compile a list of "letter destinations." (Note there is also a place for applicant to express their all-important statement of interest.)

When done, the applicant will email the "link" to those who will write their letters.

The Writer

The person writing the letters can take full advantage of the letter-organization forced upon the applicant. Clicking on the link the applicant sent will bring up the following,

which is a list of all letters that need to be written (in this case, for more than one applicant). The letters with the nearest submission deadline appear higher in the list. If a gray tab is clicked, it'll expand like an accordion, revealing details of a needed letter:

Letterable also helps the writing process by keeping all letters "in the cloud." Here you can see a letter being composed right in the browser.

Note that Letterable automatically filled in the entire header, to help start the letter. It can generate a PDF version of the letter, and has facilities for including a graphical header and a signature in the letters. You can also save letters directly to your Dropbox account.

How do I get started?

If you need letters, create an account and get started researching and describing the requirements of each of your letters. When done, email the "share link" to those who will be writing your letters.

If you write letters, tell those who ask you for letters that you are using Letterable to organize all of the letters you need to write. Tell the to go to Letterable.com and send you a "share link" when they're organized all of the letters they need.

So in the future, when someone asks you for a letter of reference, tell them:

Sure! Send me a Letterable.com link!