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Letterable.com: Organize the letters of reference process

If you need letters of reference...

If you need letters of reference written for you, likely you're applying for some next new "stage" in your life. College, graduate school, a job, summer internship, etc.

Often, you're applying for more than one endeavor, and what you'll find is each has its own deadline, letter-submission method, custom forms, and the like. Compiling and keeping track of all of this information is difficult. This is where Letterable.com can help.

As you research each application's requirements, you can type it directly into your Letterable account (you can create one here). Letterable will help you to compile a single, organized, view of all of your letter needs.

What about your letter writers? You're likely sending in several applications, but so are the 5-10 other students who also need letters. It is equally difficult for a single letter-writer to keep track of dozens of letter requests. Again, this is where Letterable can help.

Letterable creates "share links" that are directly linked to your (now organized) letter needs. Simply emailing your letter writers a link will allow them to see what you need as well. This includes all deadlines and submission requirements.

If you write letters of reference...

Today's "applicant"--students and "up and comers"--are often applying for multiple positions to increase their chances of success somewhere. Often a single applicant will apply to between 7 to 10 different prospects, each requiring a letter. If you're a teacher or professor, you can have 5-10 students approach you for these letters. It's not uncommon to be responsible for between 50 and 100 letters in a given term!

Letterable can help you get rid of yellow sticky notes, reminders, and unorganized (and often incomplete) requests from the applicant themselves. The organization Letterable forces upon the applicant is passed directly to you. Letterable will keep track of deadlines, submission methods, addresses, and letterheads. It'll even generate a PDF copy of the letter you write!

So, as a letter-writer do nothing now...simply tell the applicant who asked you for a letter: "Sure, send me a letterable link."

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